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There are no good colleges, only colleges that are good for you.

What you'll get.

So what does an Independent Educational Consultant actually do?  I define my support in your college preparation process in three main roles:


As a an expert in colleges, I focus my support to best understanding who you are as a student and a person to find your best college fit. I define success as helping you find the schools that you will not only graduate from, but thrive in. 

Project Manager

In supporting you through the college application process, my job is to help create order from chaos. We will work together to ensure you understand all the moving pieces of the application process and that you are completing each component, not only on time, but to authentically illustrate your comprehensive student profile. 


Think of me as your college interpreter. There is so much to learn in such a short amount of time and I'm here to help summarize and translate what all of it means for you. College preparation can be a tense time for families, I help provide an outside voice between students and parents, communicating and understanding everyone's needs to provide a balanced approach. 

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The only person getting you into college is you and it's hard work.


In the work we do together you'll be expected to be the one in charge. It's okay to not know the answer and ask for help or more information, but no one can make these decisions but you. And don't worry, it's always okay to change your mind. The path to post secondary success is rarely a straight one, but we want you ready to tackle any fork in the road along the way. 

Your job is to be their cheerleader, let us be the coach.


Post-secondary preparation and planning can be an incredibly stressful time between parents and their students. Celebrate the successes and provide support during the challenges. And don't worry, you'll be an integral part of the process. We'll work together to make sure your voice is heard and you know what's happening throughout the process. 

Student & Parents
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